Copyright and Publishing Rights

  1. Open Access or Traditional Publishing: Will "Research Journal for Social Affairs" be an open access journal (freely available to everyone) or a traditional subscription-based journal? This will have a major impact on the copyright and licensing options available.
  2. Copyright Transfer or Retention: Do you want authors to transfer their copyright to the journal upon publication, or do you want them to retain their copyright and grant the journal specific rights (e.g., non-commercial distribution)?
  3. License Choice: If you're considering an open access model, which Creative Commons license best aligns with your goals? Popular options include CC BY (attribution required), CC BY-NC (non-commercial re-use), and CC BY-NC-ND (no commercial re-use or derivative works).
  4. Author Rights: How much control do you want authors to have over their work after publication? This could include rights like self-archiving, republishing in other venues, and creating derivative works.

Once I have this information, I can provide you with a more specific and tailored set of copyright and publishing rights for "Research Journal for Social Affairs." This may include:

  • Copyright notice: The standard copyright notice that will appear on all published articles.
  • Author agreement: A contract outlining the rights and responsibilities of authors and the journal.
  • License agreement: A license that defines how users can access and re-use the published articles.
  • Open access statement: A clear explanation of your journal's open access policies and commitment.