Peer Review Policy

Peer Review Policy for "Research Journal for Social Affairs"

1. Purpose and Scope

This Peer Review Policy outlines the principles and procedures governing the peer-review process for "Research Journal for Social Affairs" (RJSA). The policy aims to ensure fair, rigorous, and timely evaluation of submitted manuscripts, upholding the highest standards of academic integrity and ethical research in the field of social affairs.

2. Review Process

RJSA employs a double-blind peer-review process, meaning reviewers' identities are concealed from authors and vice versa. All submissions undergo an initial editorial screening for originality, relevance to the journal's scope, and adherence to formatting guidelines. Manuscripts deemed suitable for peer review are then assigned to two or more qualified reviewers with expertise in the relevant subject area.

3. Reviewer Selection

Reviewers are chosen based on their:

  • Expertise in the specific area of research
  • Publication record in peer-reviewed journals
  • Experience with the peer-review process
  • Availability and commitment to providing timely reviews

RJSA strives for a diverse pool of reviewers to ensure a broad range of perspectives and prevent potential biases. The editorial team takes steps to avoid conflicts of interest and ensure reviewers have no prior relationship with the authors or their work.

4. Review Criteria

Reviewers are asked to evaluate manuscripts based on the following criteria:

  • Originality and significance: Does the paper offer a novel contribution to the field? Does it address a relevant and important research question?
  • Methodology: Are the research methods appropriate and rigorous? Are the data collection and analysis procedures sound and transparently explained?
  • Results and interpretation: Are the findings presented clearly and supported by the evidence? Are the conclusions justified and insightful?
  • Clarity and organization: Is the paper well-written and organized? Is the argument presented logically and persuasively?
  • References and citations: Are the references relevant and up-to-date? Are citations accurate and formatted according to the journal's style guide?

Reviewers are also encouraged to provide constructive feedback to help authors improve their work.

5. Review Timeline

RJSA strives to provide authors with timely feedback on their submissions. Reviewers are expected to submit their reports within 4-6 weeks of receiving the manuscript. The editorial team will then communicate the review decision to the authors, along with any reviewer comments and suggestions for revision.

6. Confidentiality and Ethics

RJSA is committed to upholding the highest standards of confidentiality and ethical conduct throughout the peer-review process. Reviewers are expected to:

  • Treat all information received in confidence and refrain from discussing the manuscript with anyone outside the editorial team.
  • Avoid plagiarism or misappropriation of the author's work.
  • Declare any potential conflicts of interest and recuse themselves from reviewing manuscripts where a conflict exists.
  • Provide fair and objective feedback, free from personal bias or prejudice.

7. Revision Process

Authors are given the opportunity to revise their manuscripts based on the reviewers' feedback. The revised manuscript will be re-evaluated by the same reviewers or, if necessary, by additional reviewers. The editorial team will make the final decision on whether to accept or reject the manuscript based on the revised version and the reviewers' recommendations.

8. Appeals

Authors who disagree with the decision on their manuscript may appeal to the Editor-in-Chief. Appeals must be submitted in writing and explain the specific reasons for the appeal. The Editor-in-Chief will review the appeal and make a final decision.

9. Ongoing Review and Improvement

RJSA is committed to continuous improvement of its peer-review process. The editorial team will regularly review the policy and make adjustments as needed to ensure fairness, rigor, and efficiency. The journal welcomes feedback from authors and reviewers on their experiences with the peer-review process.

10. Resources

RJSA provides resources for reviewers, including guidelines for writing effective reviews and information on ethical considerations. Reviewers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these resources before accepting a review assignment.

This Peer Review Policy is subject to change at the discretion of the editorial team. Any changes will be communicated to reviewers and authors through the journal's website.